Monday, May 21, 2007

lol donkaments - rough two days

Sunday was not a good day for poker, i got home 5:30am and was basically exhausted the entire day. Decided to play some poker and bought in to a 10+1 tourny on PP. Starting stacks were 3K and blinds lasted for 15mins. Well i wasnt too please to see this because it meant a long tourny, but it also meant maybe there was room to play poker. So i settled in and decided to play extreemely tight because there was no pressure from the blinds and i didnt get any hands.

Almost 1hr in I had only played one hand. Finally i pick up QQ in BB, blinds were 50/100 i think... Loose btn raises to 300.00 I reraised to 1000.00, he calls. Flop Comes 8d Th 5s, I bet 2/3rds the pot, btn shoves and i insta-call. Turn Kc, River 5c & villian scoops pot with J5o. I'm now down to about 635 chips... i did not get a chance to push because the pot was always raised or reraised and i never had a good multi-way hand.

Any way i let the big blind pass thru me again and pick up JJ in SB. MP limps and loose btn limps I push MP calls and btn calls also. pot is little over 1200.00 flop comes unders turn Kc and river blanks. Btn, same guy with J5o, scoops pot with, tournies suck hard... but i will likely play this one again. I like the deep stacks and obviously opponents suck ass.

Later in the evening i decided to give UB a shot, but ended up losing 2 buy-ins at 50NL in a bad way so i quit.

Today i didnt get much time to play but decided to get in a session before heading to work... not a good idea... lost a stack with 76o on a c/r buuff with TP+gutshot for 150bbs. then later lost with idiot end of straight vs. the nut straight AI on river... did not even recognize it...yuck! quickly sat out all tables.

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