Wednesday, May 23, 2007


This operation is an on going process of self improvement. Its goal is to keep me advancing in my poker knowledge, ultimately leading to me crushing the levels i currently play.

I have changed the name from Operation Get better to 'Operation FORTIFY'. Fortify is defined as 'to make strong or stronger'. fortification is defined as 'the addition of an ingredient for the purpose of enrichment'. I think these definitions explain exactly what i'm trying to accomplish.

The method will be through constant study, self analysis, watching vids and posting hands. To my readers i would be willing to ship 200 hands of a random session for analysis and also analyze your hh in return.

Below is a rough outline of some of the things i want to cover. The first few will probably be in that order, but from 4 on down i'm not sure... i will cover them but they will not necessarily be in that order.

1. Statistical Analysis

2. Poker Math
a. basic odds calculation
b. commone flop odds
c. implied odds
d. reverse implied odds

3. Position & Blind Stealing
4. C-beting & betsizing
5. Blind Defense
6. Calculating EV
a. hand ranges & hand reading
b. bet3bet or C/r ?

most of this stuff i already know but i will go over them any way and will add more as they come to mind.

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