Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Studying | Applying myself

Earlier this week my bankroll was up to 32 buy-ins for 100nl on PP and 16 buy-ins for 50NL on UB. I currently have 28bi's on PP and 12.5bi's on UB. While that is within the normal range of swings that i have, i feel that my play has been less than stellar. In fact, if i had to grade my play i'd say i was playing my C game on average.

Thinking about this at work this evening, I gave some serious thought to signing up for coaching, but ultimately decided against it. while i will need coaching one day if i make it to say 1/2 or 3/6, i feel that i have not taken myself as far as i can go as yet. I've hardly done any serious study and still have been beating the current levels that i play. Therefore, i will try to apply myself more diligently to the task of getting better before spending any money on coaching.

How will i go about doing this?

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