Friday, May 18, 2007

Rakeback is sweet!

Checked my email yesterday and got a nice surprise, 187.00 had been credited to my UB account for rakeback for April. I rarely played on UB because the competition seem tougher and even without rakeback, Party Poker is way more profitable. Even so i've decided to play a little more on UB, aiming for a 70:30 split between the two.

This morning was my second session for the month on UB and it went really well. I would say UB 50nl is comparable to PP 100NL. There are a lot more tag or ultra-aggressive players per table and there are a few adjustments that have to be made. But the games are very much beatable.

some hands

JTo in the BB

98o ontb

QTo ontb

76o ontb

T4s ontb

These are some of the more interesting hands of the session and are some of my biggest winners. One thing you should notice right away is that almost all are on the button (ONTB). My play was pretty standard in all other positions. leave a comment if you have any questions or thoughts on any of the hands.

I've added some new blogs... give them a look see.

thanks Monkey and Pudding for the positive comments in the last post.


GWC said...

UB is definately a bit of a rock garden!
I have an account there but rarely play it because its such a pain to use with Poker Tracker.

Game101 said...

hey munkey, its not as difficult as it seems. I'm sure u have pahud right? just run it when you play on UB and it will automatically grab the hh from the hh windows. of course for every table you have to have the hh window open at all times for this to work.

then configure the UB auto import in pt to look for hh at C:\programfiles\pokeracehud\data\ultimatebet\handhistories
and voila!

btw you can datamine this way also!

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