Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Life Tilt = 5 buyins

For the past few days i've been having a series of little situations in my life. Basically i've been having some conflicts with my business partner and my girlfriend. Well yesterday things kinda took a turn for the worst with my girlfriend(major attention whore btw) and the situation with my partner was still up in the air. I didn't feel particularly distraught or anything, but i realize now that i was definitely distracted.

So i got off work about 1:30am and rushed home to get in a session, because i felt like playing. To make a long story short, i dropped 5 buyins in a little over 500.00 hands at 100NL. it breaks down like this

suckouts = 15%
crazy bluffs/moves = 60%
hands not getting there |
bad river calls ---------> = 25%
coolers, etc etc etc |

I played extremely poorly and i'm sure i was buddy listed because one guy followed me to several tables after i left a particular table where i had dropped 3 buy-ins.
After this post i will take a 24-48hr break from poker to regain my composure and let the bad vibes pass. I find that a small break from all things poker always refreshes me.

next session on Friday.


GWC said...

Unlucky mate, just put it down to experience and variance. Seems like people having major stuff going on in their lives doesn't enable them to play good poker. Probably best to take a break like you said.
Come back soon and win those 5 buyins back.

Yorkshire Pudding said...

I'm the expert at life tilt mate! Whenever me and the former Mrs Pudding argued I played like a donk and knew I shouldn't be plaing but still did.

You're a solid player and will win the 5 buyins back, with interest.

portdeco20 said...


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