Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Hero Worship | SBrugby/Aba20

I'm really not into hero worship at all and really don't see the sense of it... but i have to say i'm really impressed by the accomplishments of this guy. I'm probably not as intelligent buy i've decided to follow in his footsteps. Actually i'd be pretty happy to beat 1/2nl, much less 5/10.

SBrugby on what it takes to be a winner;
Don't tilt, post 2 hands a day. Play 1K hands a day and in no time you will be at 5/10. All it takes is some hard work.

My goals:
play 1k hands per day
Post 2 hands each day or respond to 4 post.
Do not tilt.
study/watch vids.

SBrugby on bankroll management and moving up;
I always aggressively move up in limits as I play my best when it hurts to lose (Soemthing phil ivey said). Once you get complacent at the level you are at it is very easy to fall into a rut and not play your A game. If you have 20BI for the next level I woudl defenitly take a shot. I would probably have taken a 3 BI shot once I had 15 buyins for the next level. Somtimes when moving up yo udont' makeit the fist time. I know it took me many many tries to finally get going at 10/20. I would take a shot at 400NL once I had 6K and I would hop down if I dipped below 4.5K.

I will probably be slightly less aggressive, starting to take shots at the next level with at least 20k hands & 25 buy-ins dropping down if i lose 3.

SBrugby on hand reading
When I am playing I will often say to myself what do you have and imagine diferent possiblies (small pairs, suited aces etc.) But often for anaysis I use a range. So I more put people on a range of hands and see the equity of my holdings vs that of there range.

this is something i have worked on already and believe i'm getting better. I have to now work on the math. learn how to calculate the EV of a play or the equity of my hand vs. my opponent's range. I have a rough idea now but will work on it some more using pokerstove.

SBrugby on Session review
When I review a session (and I don't do it as much for NLH, but I do it for limit holdem and plo) I go through every hand. I think most hands you look back at and analyse yourself and figure out what you need to do diferently. I think reviewing your session is a great tool for improving your play. So if you feel satified with the anaylsis of a hand then you don't need to make a post but when you review a hand and feel lost then posting will defn help you.

when i review now i generally only review my biggest losing and winning hands. however i have reviewed an entire session before and can see the benefits of doing it, but i just have too many sessions. So what i will do is perhaps pick 2 or 3 sessions at random each week to review in its entirety.

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GWC said...

Some good advice to follow there. Brian is an amazing player and his cardrunners training videos are fantastic.
I just can't believe how fast the guy progressed thru the levels.

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