Monday, May 14, 2007

Call downs | River bluffs | Instincts

Played another session of 100nl. this time i opened four tables and played, after about an hour i cut back to three. This was a pretty good session; i got stacked once and made some really good reads and plays. I'm very comfortable at this limit right now... and honestly don't understand what took so long. But obviously i'm playing more focused and confident and probably a little better now.

I did make some really interesting plays and will try to explain them as best as i can here, but they were based on several factors; my image, feel and rythm of table. I have come to trust my instincts alot and i believe this is a skill you have to develope in order to beat the larger games down the road.

Call downs:

AKs river call - this guy had solid stats over 1700+ hands; something like 24/14. but i saw one hand where he raised ontb with something like KTo and bet full pot on turn with no pair/no drw, chked turn and value bet river for like 1/2 pot with made hand. I think i might have seen some other hands where he value bet his strong hands also. Given his pf range here ontb, the fact that he didnt bet the turn and the size of the river bet, which seemed to want a fold, i decided to call.

AQo river Call - villian this hand was 56/16 over 90 hands. Remember when you bluff you have to tell a story that makes sense, you have to represent a hand. What is villian representing that doesnt cbet that flop? Most pocket pairs bet that flop & AK also bets that flop. If this guy was passive i might have folded but he was aggro and would've bet most of his hands on this flop. So i made a very thin call.

A5s river Call - villian was 48/7 and a calling station over 150+ hands. this call was pretty thin but i was getting over 4:1 and my read was he didn't have a K . he might have a 3 but i chked his showdown stats before calling and he had won something like 10% showdowns and had a really high river aggression factor... so easy call.

River Bluffs - i'm gonna post these hands but unfortunately i don't have time to explain them right now, will probably do it later.


These are some of the more interesting hands of the session. let me know what you think.

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