Sunday, May 13, 2007

Well Posts

I've recently read the well post by Sbrugby and CTS over on 2p2 and they're very inspirational. particularly Brian Townsend's because he basically went from micro-limit to high stakes poker in one year. CTS's well is very good also because he talks alot about his ranges and gives alot of examples. I will be reading Green Plastic's next.

These posts are gold mines and have inspired me to take my game more seriously.


GWC said...

I'll have to check those posts out.
I dont browse the 2+2 forums too often cos of the awful software.
Nice blog btw.

Game101 said...

thanks for the comment... have added your blog. I don't have a problem with the software... that site is 10 times better than any other forum out there, its a virtual gold mine!

Yorkshire Pudding said...

All 3 of those players are sick! I think I'll have to check out their well posts.

Heineken23 said...

Can you post a link to the well post thread?

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