Friday, May 25, 2007

Today's Results

Played ok... I need to get the SB & went to SD stats down and Up my win at show down percentage. I'm pleased though that i'm not defending my blinds as much... I think 60-70 are perfect stats in that area. But i'm not one for obsessing about stats, what i try to focus on is playing the big pots correctly.


henry said...

Looks like your vpip is abit high at around 26 over this small, sample. Do you have your life stats at NL100.

You seem to be playing a 26/15 ish here, which is a little fishy, i would recommend tightening it up a little out of the BB as you mention and narrowing your calling range down. Plus maybe raise more with position?

GL Sir, nice read.

Game101 said...

thanks for the comment. My lifetime stats are about 26/18. Generally i start out playing a standard tagish game, but by the end of the session i usually have a very good feel for the tables and loosen up.

I'm really loose and aggro in position already, anymore and i will approach maniac. I generally defend my blinds more because i don't respect my opponents.

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