Thursday, May 24, 2007


had some free time today and got in a nice session. At the end of this i thought i was up at least 2 BIs but cant complain. I felt i played really well even though i made my share of mistakes.

AKo fold pf - nice fold to start with. At best i'd be splitting or worst Dominated. I could be flipping but i ws sure some of my outs were already taken.

A4s flops Nutflush drw... stnd? - There are no standard plays in poker, every play needs to be analyzed. Here i flopped the nutflush drw and went into automatic. I think pf is fine, and so is rr the weak bet, but once i got min rr i shouldve given it more thought. he showed mega strenght there i should've just called since i was getting odds to do so.

AQo in BB vs. Lag perhaps he was on tilt?

97o in CO I thought i had lost to the flush or boat... but this is PP!

TPTK chks flop many players think you will automatically bet out your TP, so if you chk it occasionally, they will pay you. Only here i should have min rr him back... lol. still this is only done occassionally because it can backfire.

Those are just a few of the hands i played today. I will now go watch a Brian Townsend vid.

Also i've decided instead of doing a month for month stat analysis i will do the entire DB at once.

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