Tuesday, May 01, 2007


I was on vacation last week and went to Exuma Regatta on Thursday. Just returned yesterday so i hadnt played since last Wednesday. understandably i was a bit anxious to play. I got in 3 sessions today (Apr. 30).

I shouldve ended the day up about 8.5 buy-ins but something really weird happened on PP today. I looked down and saw KQo in MP and raise pf, CO calls... flop comes KQx giving me Top 2, well we get it AI on the flop and the cards turn up and it looks like we split, but the chips go his way... I couldn't figure out what went wrong so i chked the hh and it says i had A8o... WTF!!! maybe i made a mistake, but WOW... I was 100% sure, i didn't even look at my cards before getting it in... sigh. needless to say i sat out all tables.

Exuma Cays from the air
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One of the Many Beaches
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Heineken23 said...

Those pics are wild, did you take them yourself?

Yorkshire Pudding said...

LMAO! You been hitting that crazy rum whilst on vacation?!

Game101 said...

nah, those pics are off the net, unfortunately i lost my camera while over there.

lol... it was awesome over there, i had about 5hrs sleep in 48hrs.

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