Monday, April 23, 2007

Weekend Results | Even Baby!!

After that awful start of the month i've finally made it back in the green. This weekend was pretty sweet, I've got my mojo back and pretty much crushing 50nl at will.

weekend results

biggest pots won & lost (not hands) this weekend

54s ontb Deep - In position vs. a big stack i will play any two cards with potential.Based on my stats you can see i was playing really lag so this guy was willing to call me down with TPGK.

75o Deep, blind vs. blind - how bad was this guy... lol

AKs vs. really bad villian - happens

flopped straight - I probably could've/shouldve gotten away from this

April graph todate


PokerFool said...

Awesome! Good Job.

Move up to 100NL! (Remember last time I suggested that?)

Game101 said...

cringe just had a nasty flash back! lol.

not so fast my friend, gonna run the ol' bankroll up to about 2800 first...

if that doesnt work, i'm gonna have to hire a coach.

Anonymous said...

Hey Island Grinder,

Sorry it took a few days. Added you to my list :)

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