Saturday, April 21, 2007

Weekend Madness

Its 2:00am on a friday night/early saturday morning and i just got home from work. I don't feel particularly well, and think i feel the beginning of a mild headache.... but this is prime fishing time. So i'm gonna give it a shot.

My goal as always is to play good solid poker and let my opponents make the mistakes. Practise good table selection because i want to play vs. fish, don't bluff or try to hard to out play opponents and remember the baluga theorem at all times

ok.... lets see how it goes....

session #1

played ok, but spewed alot.

session #2

played a bit at UB and lost set over set for a buyin, moved back to party and got back even on there.

session #3

Played lagtard and took down 6 buy-ins over 1.5hrs.

Overall grade = C

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