Friday, April 20, 2007

Friday Morning Session

Another early morning session after work. I didnt get to post to start because i wanted to get started as soon as posible. As you can see from the pic i had a great morning. Played for about 2hrs and ended up 4.25 buy-ins.

The fish were again out in full force and i took full advantage,I've basically found a default way to play against fish now and its pretty awsome. Everybody feels that they have to be aggressive all the time, but thats just not the case. If you're a decent tag you much better than the average fish so play with them don't force them out of the hand.

See flops with suited/unsuited connectors, one gappers even two gappers, hell limp them yourself. Because when you miss you can fold but when you hit they can't and will stack-off very easily to you. These guys were so bad that i was playing them oop and still taking down pots rather easily. I did get into a lil' battle with a pretty good player who was on two of my tables. I think he thought i was a fish until i stacked him a couple times. It was beautiful, i think i played pretty damn good.

Session Grade = B++
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EDIT 05/02/07 I wanted to point out that i don't advocate limping as a way to play generally. But i've found it effective against the maniacs... the guys that are 60+ vpip. It doesnt matter if they are aggressive or passive, the idea is to see the flop cheaply and out play them; the passive player will not fold and the aggro player will raise... so you will end up playing a big pot with a marginal hand if you insist on raising... of course raise your big hands.

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