Thursday, April 19, 2007

Early Morning Session

Its now 12:45am, I just got home from work. I usually get home around 2:30am but tonight was a good night. So i feel like playing some poker, I can get in an hour of good poker. I've been reading the forums at work and have gone over my biggest loses from the last session.

My goal for this session to play good solid poker, no uneccessary bluff or crazy moves. Just open my pokets and let the fish put their monies in.

Got on party but table selection was poor, when i finally got four tables up the site started freezing. So i moved over to UB... Bad idea, Lost two big hands and decided it was time to go to bed.

AI pf with JJ vs. Maniac - This guy was 55/43, I'd seen him felt 77 and 99 already despite overs being on the flop. So i wanted to get it in pf. probably not the best idea, but i was gonna have to deal with his aggression what ever flop came. I thought it was likely that i was ahead now and he would stack off with a weaker hand.

A6s utg - this was a frustration hand. villian had 3bet me the last 4 times i raised... this led me to open A6s utg and call the Cbet, both of which i wouldn't normally do, even on the btn. The flop was favorable, then i made my worst play of the night. By c/r here i basically turned my cards up, he knew he beat all of my range; QQ-AA nor a set would do this,on the other hand flush drws, whiffed overs, and medium pairs would, all of which he beats. easy call!

Alternative line maybe bet, Call 3bet on flop and bet/3bet turn or c/r turn... turn play may leave him pot committed though, so c/f turn?

Sat out all tables after this hand because i was playing poorly and in danger of going on fullblown tilt. Lesson; get up and leave if a solid player has position and i become frustrated.

Session grade: D

8:00 am

Slept for a few hours and was awoken by the cable company calling to find out if it was ok for them to come and move my internet connection. The line was in my living room area so i was using wireless which was sometime unreliable, so i had a line put in my bedroom. Now the modem will also be on my ups so i can play through pwr outages.

Decided to try party poker again and had a good session

77 turn call - well obviously i'm not folding to the min rr on the flop. The question is on the turn call... am i getting the right implied odds? I usually think about implied odds pf using 10:1 rule for sets. Am i calling 6.00 to win 98.5 in which case i'm getting correct odds or to win 41.00 in which case i'm not.

Sigh, guess i'm gonna look stupid twice in one week on this blog. but w/e. After this hand and the one where i folded the best boat, i realize that i'm lacking some basic fundamentals. I will correct that tonight.

Big Blind Special - Flopped a huge hand in an unraised pot... how do i extract? I've bet flop, if i fire again he likely folds, if i c/r he definitely folds... so i call turn and make a desperation push on the river hoping he has an ace.

Session Grade: B

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