Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Today's Session

Just got up a few minutes ago and got some breakfast... havent'worked out but feel pretty good. I should be able to play good poker. I've been on 2p2 already for the morning and read a few threads, but haven't responded to any.

I am going to play 4 tbls for approx. 1.5hrs. I will try to play good tight poker not getting into any spots with marginal hands, And not bluffing unless i have a good read and image. keep the baluga theorem in mind.

It was like diving on the Great Barier Reef this morning, fish were every where. My first session lasted about 40 minutes before i had a pwr outage and had to shut down. I came back on about 10 minutes later and decided to put in another full session. Min raisers were the theme of the day it seems. I was not as aggr pf and limped alot, i just wanted to get in pots with these guys and it worked out nicely.

I'm going to take a shower now and go to lunch. Will post some hands later.

AQ vs. Maniac when i came back for the 2nd session there was a 74/73 maniac on one of my table, reraising didnot phase this guy...

Ass end of straight vs. river min-raise - Villian was really bad, normally i would fold this or reraise pf.The only question for me on the river was whether or not i should reraise, but i didnt see any value in it.

Calling down light - bet sizing is important, had he made a large enough bet on any street i wouldve folded.

Session Grade = B+

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