Tuesday, April 17, 2007

New Direction | Why do i Poker?

This question has occurred to me recently. I don't feel i will ever make it to the levels that others have. I just play for recreation and hopefully to may a few extra dollars per month.

Obviously like everyone else i dream of making the big bucks, but i don't have the patience and discipline to do what it takes. I don't study enough, I don't play my A everytime i play. These things can be changed, but do i really want to? I'm involved with so many things outside of poker that i can't get in the hands or study time i need. So the time has come for a new direction.

I will no longer set goals for hands played per month or money made. My goals instead will be simply to play disciplined poker every session. I will also change the way i make post to this blog.

Every session i play will begin with a post on this blog. This post will talk about;

1.My state of mind
2.Whether or not i've reviewed last session played
3.Whether i've read any articles/post or watched any videos
4.My goals for the session, time played, tables, make a vid..etc.etc

After every session i will edit same post to add result and how i played, what mistakes i made.. did i stick to my goals for the session... anything interesting about the session, any problems i had and any hands i found interesting.

I believe this will help me always play my A game. There will be no presure to play a certain amount of hands, instead the focus will be on getting better and playing with discipline.

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