Sunday, April 15, 2007

Weekend results

Had a good weekend, almost like the old days:)Climbing my way out of this hole one session at a time. I've made some adjustments to my game. I'm folding more and not being as aggressive. I basically try to stay out of trouble with marginal hands or in neutral ev spots. The baluga theorem comes into play alot for me now and i think its helping me, still its a work in progress and i've made a few bad plays. I've also started limping behind on the button more.

In the past it wouldve automatically been a 4xbb+1bb raise per limper. But it makes no sense raising people out of pots when they're so bad post flop. Also they would just call anyway, then i'd have to cbet with nothing most times, building a pot in the process. This led to alot of spewage in my game.

some hands... these hands will be hands with an interesting decision or where i played bad... maybe one or two for stakage sake :p

flopped a boat | folded river wish i could blame this one on a misclick... but truth is i thought i was beat and folded the best hand... metagame :-)

Poorly played ATs C pf with was bad, but i failed to represent the flush on the turn, which lost me the hand... but this was a fold pf

Nice Call | Pattern recognition This guy was doing this all night and had done it to me once already. I've identified this pattern as a weak hand or bluff... it goes like this; call pf, min raise flop, bet hard on blank turn, normally by a weak/donk player oop.

Same Pattern | big bluff This is the same pattern from above, from a strong player (at least his stats were good) and i make a big bluff on turn... notice i show bluff :p

Perfect situation This is what you dream of after showing a big bluff. This is the very next hand vs. the same player i just bluffed. god i run good :)

Big Big call down on seemingly dangerous Board I've played with this guy before and he's not very good, but apart from that these calls were easy to make... I'd like you guys to tell me why that is?

what was i thinking? this is one of those wtf moments. I kinda feel back into trying to outplay my opponents here... baluga theorem material

Ouch happens.. his pf was bad but guy had a big draw on the flop, what can you do...

lets end on a good note


PokerFool said...

In the First hand:

You have TTT99. The only hands that beat you are obviously the case 9 and AA (AA would give that person AAA99)

TTT99 > 999AA

999AA is what someone has if they have a naked Ace. You crush those hands.

I would re-raise all-in here and have villain with a naked Ace call and you win a big pot.

Game101 said...

wow... really? i was always unsure about that. damn i folded the best hand.

PokerFool said...

Yep. Lets assume that you had 88 and the flop was 899. If the turn and river were like the hand you posted, an Ace, then another 9, then any Ace would beat you beacuse you are now playing the three 9's on the board, and then your two eights.

It would be like not even hitting your set then, or just having a rag hand like 82o. 82o = 88 on that board. So you would have 99988. And anyone with an ace has 999AA, which beats you.

BigMac1082 said...

I was just going to comment on hand 1, but I see someone beat you to it. I would be putting in a small raise there to get value from any ace.

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