Friday, April 13, 2007

Video is up

This is a VIDEO i just made today of me playing 2 tables of 50NL. I was going to make a 25NL vid but all the tables were full. I think the file size is manageable and its not too long. The display quality seems pretty good but i'm not good with the commentary. Anyway take a look see and feel free to question or comment on my play.

length: 30 minutes
format: WMV

btw, it looks like you can play it directly from the page but the quality is not good like that. For best viewing i suggest you download it.


Amatay said...

where do i click? lol

Game101 said...

updated to add link in post... link is also posted in links to the left of post

Mark said...

Thanks for the vid Grinder - liked the way you handled being OOP against the 2 aggressive guys on the left hand table... how do you handle the same types when you have position? I know 'it depends' (!) but wondering if you prefer to reraise to isolate or to flat call and use your position...

Anyhow, nice video and look forward to future installments.

Cheers, Mark

Game101 said...

hey, mark

In position i'd probably 3bet more vs. late position raises and flat call vs early position raises. I do this with SCs & small- med pocket pairs. I'd 3bet all my big hands.

thanks for the comments.. i will try to do one vid per week and work on my commentary so that i make sense at least half the time :)

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