Thursday, April 12, 2007

25NL Pilgrimage

Its much harder posting when things are going bad than when they're going good, especially since i have some readers now. But this blog was made to chronicle my poker journy as it says in the header. whether good or bad i will write it here. Honesty is important as it makes me accountable, if only to myself.

Truth is my confidence and game has been severly affected by the debacle that has been April to date. Therefore, i am playing 25nl to try to recuperate and regain some semblance of my former glory and hopefully plug some major leaks along the way.

I don't have any goals in terms of hours played, hands played or money won. I will simply play until i feel i'm ready. I think i will know. I've made a short vid of me playing 25nl on UB that i will probably upload in the near future. so look out for that.

gl at the tables.

1 comment:

Neil Ross said...

look forward to the video island.
forget the limits/bad beats just play good poker (pretend its just points on a computer game).

good luck


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