Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Fact Filter vs. Judgement Filter - I was tilted!

In my previous post, I said i had only lost 2 to 3 buyins as a result of tilt. But i was only refering to one form of tilt. There are more insidious forms of tilt and i was definitely experiencing one of those forms.

After reviewing some of my biggest losing hands, the majority of which were good hands; AK,AQ,QQ,JJ,TT,44,88, one thing repeatedly came to mind; Baluga Theorem. I was getting attached to hands and taking them too far facing all kinds of resistance on the turn and river. Yet i continued on with these 'big hands' although by the river all i had was one pair. I started trapping more which lead to suckouts on turn and then i would get it AI with the worst of it on the river, there were some bad beats of course but not as many as i had previously thought.

Its obvious now that i was more affected by my failed attempt at 100nl than i thought and that affected my play at 50nl. I was tilted and did not know it. I was using my Judgement Filter when playing, rather than my Fact filter. I would attempt to explain it but i feel that Fact Filter vs. Judgement Filter explains it perfectly. It's a very good read and I encourage you to read it.

As for my poker game, I played a session today and ended it -41.00, but i think i played much better than i have been playing this month. Did not spew much, made some good lay downs and some good plays. I haven't turn weak tight but i'm trying to think more and make the correct play based on the situation.

I have a deep hole to climb out of, I hope i can make it... I've lost most of my profit from March in the first 8 days of April... I'm pretty stunned...

"Eventually you will run worst than you thought possible"

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