Saturday, April 07, 2007

April sucks!

The losing continues. I played awful at 100NL i know, but my play at 50NL was pretty good. I just had to fold a lot of big hands, got coollers and bad beats. I just feel sick about it. April's not supposed to be like this.

Tilted for the first time today when a guy called my 4xbb+1 raise with 85s in sb, then calls 3/4 psb on flop to make his gutshot str8 on turn which cracked my QQs. Fuck It. this came right after my 77 fell to AK on the river for a stack. I sat out all tables immediately.Also there was this one table where it seems every pot i was in the flop came mono. ok maybe not 'every pot' but something like 1/5 every pot played for 30minutes came mono or 2flushed. I noticed because i always had to fold a hand and i never had the flush card.

funny thing is during this whole thing i think i maybe lost about 2 or 3 buy-ins to tilt total. I would just play my sessions, and when i ended i would be supprise to see how much i'm down because i felt i played pretty good. But things have just not been going my way.

I read an old post by Brian Townsend on 2p2 the other day, in which he says if you're losing its your own fault don't point the finger else where. I will take a few days, let my head clear then re-examine my hh. I know that i'm making mistakes i just have to correct them. maybe play some donkaments on stars to pass time.

btw... thanks for the kind words Mark.

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