Monday, June 18, 2007


Well i've lost most of my winnings from the last post over the past week and this weekend. I'm just tired of the roller coaster ride, even though its partly my fault. I basically play solid poker and eventually get sucked out on several times before i go on either a slow steam tilt or full blown monkey tilt.

I also have a problem with discipline. If you've been reading this blog you know i've made several plans that work for a while, but then i revert to my same old style. They say practice makes perfect, but actually practice makes permanent. Well i've been practicing a loose style for some time and it worked well but i have problems switching it off.

In any case i'm tired. I will be focusing on other things in my life than poker. I'm going to cancel my subscription to Card runners because i've not been utilizing it and don't have any plans to.

I will continue to play poker whenever i feel like it... a mix of stt, mtt, plo and nlhe. I will update occasionally.

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