Wednesday, June 20, 2007

New Vids & Discipline

In my last post i said that practice makes perfect even if that is playing poorly. I have decided to practice playing with discipline. This means using game selection, setting a time limit for a session and sticking to it and maintaining a VPIP in a certain range. This may well mean that i'm not playing optimally but that is not what i'm striving for.

I have not played at PP since saturday. Even though i havent played much, when i do play its been at UB. I play three tables at once and record two. I feel that the recording along with my attempt to explain my actions helps with my discipline and it is something that i will do from here on.

In my opinion both of these videos are much better than the first video i posted on this blog. There are some pretty good situations and i think you get to see some of my game :) of course there are some bad plays but overall i think they're pretty good.

My Vid #2 - 2 table 50NL @ UB

My vid #3 - 2 table 50NL @ UB

Both vids are 1hr long and are good quality. I also think my commentary is getting a little better :). Anyway take a look see and please leave a comment or rating.

In other news

While i was running poorly last weekend i decided to sign up for a Mtt on a whim. It was a $6.00 buyin with about 560 entrants. I fininshed 80th for little more than my buy-in. The hand i got bust on; I had TT in SB w/ aprx 18K, bad lag w/ 35K min r utg (blinds = 1K/2K) tag with 50K calls in CO, I shove. Lag shoves, tag tanks then calls. Flop: 2c8cJc Turn: 7x river Jx.... lag shows AJo and tag scoops pot with 77 for the boat.

I think i played really well.But what i noticed in this tournament was how really bad my opponents were. They were awful post flop and i was able to take down alot of pots really easily. The last hand was prob only the second time i had been AI the whole tournament. In any case this has peaked my interest and im currently downloading tournament videos.

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