Monday, June 25, 2007


I not there yet but i'm on my way there. After my last withdrawal i was left with 1K on Party and 600.00 on UB. Well i now have around 600.00 on party and 400 on UB. I've continued to lose and i've tilted worst than i ever have before.

Normally i would go on a down swing or tiltfest and just refocus and pull it back together.But not this time. Its been awful. when i play now i normally drop atleast a buy-in playin solid poker or several buy-ins on a tilt fest. I feel like i havent had a winning session in about 2 weeks.

Worst of all i have no desire to read or watch anything poker related. I log on to 2p2 and get as far as the micro/ssnl forum but never click on a link, instead i just log off again.

I've played some small stakes STT/MTT on fulltilt, PP and Stars and have done ok... mostly getting ITM or busting on the bubble. These games are really easy and stress free so i don't have to focus entirely when playing. 60.00 will give me 10 sngs on PP and 55.00 will give me 10 sngs on Stars on FTP or Stars.

I'm going to be withdrawing the rest of my meager roll leaving about 30 BIs for the ocassional STT/MTT. I've had some success in the 2, 3 and 5 table sngs which are the same buy-ins as a Stt for a better ROI, so i will be playing some of those also. Planet3gong here i come.

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