Wednesday, June 27, 2007

FTP sessions

So i felt like playing poker when i got home lastnight. I had about 29.95 on FTP and decided to play there. I played about 8 tournies, including a 300fpp & 50fpp sats. to 2500fpp sat ot the 300K gaurenteed.

1st in 50fpp for a seat to the 2500fpp sat to the 300K
1st in a 2tbl sng
3rd in a 5tbl sng

FT of 5tble sng.... how did i finish 3rd??????

The tourny was really soft and i was never in any uncomfortable spots... until i got the huge stack. I wasn't sure what my approach should be... should i just continue raising, putting them to the test for their stacks or sit back and let them knock each other off? Well i chose the latter with a few exception when dealing with the larger stacks.

what is the best approach? planet3gong help.

My bankroll is currently 75.00

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