Monday, July 02, 2007

July feels like a fresh breeze

As you all know June sucked Ass! It was a month that saw me almost quit poker. But after taking some time away from the cash games i feel refreshed. Yesterday was the first time that i have felt like playing cash in at least 2 weeks.

I didn't play of course. My game went way off course in June and i have to do some serious reviewing and rebuilding before playing again. I'm currently reviewing my hands played from every position. I lost the most in the BB and only won in CO & BTN. Before i'm done i will also review several entire sessions.

In the mean time i've been playing NL tournaments. Mostly with 18+ players every other day. I've managed to turn about 29 on stars into 150.00... nothing major i know. But its been fun and i feel like i've play well for the most part. I haven't played much of the 180s on stars but played one lastnight and made the FT.

Download HERE...PSFT.txt I've cut it down using Tournament Trimmer.

As i was saying i really enjoy playing the tournaments. Especially because they are low stress and low variance when compared to my cash game. Basically i can play almost 10 tournies for little over 1 buyin at 50NL and my opponents suck.

I've cashed out of UB and will be moving some funds to stars to take advantage of the Mtts they have running all the time. I hope to become good at these things because its a good way to take a small buy-in and turn it into a large payday.

case in point: Stars is running a 100K gaurenteed $11 buy-in tourny on Sundays... now this thing will be a luck fest because max players is set at 15000 but imagine turning 11.00 in to 100K... who can resist... i'll be there with the other donks.:)

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