Monday, July 09, 2007

Biggest Donkfest in History & Update

Well I played the 100K on sunday, unfortunately I went out in the first hour. I did not do the research i shouldve so i decided i would just play tight early and try to make good steals. Once i realized that this approach was not gonna work and that i had to get in there and mix it up, it was too late. There were some loose large stacks on my left and my 66 got cracked by JTo.

Another mistake i made was buying in directly for 11 bucks when there are 70fpp stt sats running around the clock. I just played two and by level3 (25/50) both were 3 handed... I busted one and won my seat to this sunday's 100k in the other.

I will post my plan of attack before the tourny and blog it live, i hope to make it past hr 1 this time.

Ran really hot at the cash games lastnight.

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Yorkshire Pudding said...

The chance to win $18.9k for a 70FPP investment is unreal! Once I get sorted and don't have to work Sunday's anymore I'll certainly give them a shot!

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