Monday, July 16, 2007


I've been playing a session now and then but with mediocre results... I'm probably running 1ptbb/100 over about 5k hands for the month. I was running 10ptbb/100, but then ran bad... just bad beat after bad beat followed by some tilt.

I'm just not able to deal with the swings as i used to, therefore i'm done with the cash games. I've decided to go back to sngs and low buy in mtts. My only problem is getting money onto fulltilt and stars. I have about 800 bucks on moneybookers but it is not an option for stars or FTP. In anycase i will try to cancel my FTP account and get a new one with rakeback before depositing there.

I was gonna play the 100k gaurenteed today but decided against it. I wouldve had to get super lucky to make it deep considering that it is now 17500 max entrants, so i decided to play a couple $4/180... did not money.

I did play a $5 FO tonight and finished 54/1680 for about 19 bucks. I think i played well and survived some tough beats... but for the most part the tourny was just soft.

Some pivotal hands

early steal attempt - I was playing really tight and had a good feel for the table so made an attempt on the blinds.

nice chip up

55 in bb, m = 7

M=5 with AJo in HJ - damn river!

M=1.5 with K9s - never bet into a dry side pot

Got lucky here with KQ i'm not sure about this push... any comments welcomed

AA vs. KK. vs. QQ AI pf talk about set up... good thing short stack had AA... I came out ahead.

AKs in EP deep stacked sigh what cand you do.

Final two hands managed not to lose my entire stack with QQ vs. KK...could i have repped the A?... had to push junk on the last hand.

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