Monday, July 16, 2007

Monday's Tournaments

My goal right now is to develop my MTT skills. Due to severe bankroll limitations at this time i'm playing the low buy-in multi-table sngs in the 18 - 180 player range. I hope to gain experience beating these limited fields while taking shots at larger (field) mtts on weekends.

Today i only played 3 tournaments;

1. 3.25 BI - 45 player - 22nd - 0.00
2. 3.25 BI - 45 player - 4th - $15.00
3. 4.40 BI - 180 player- 20th - 0.00

I just 1 tabled for the most part. Not much in terms of money but i got to put in alot of hands in the 180. The first 45 i played i did not give it my full attention so i busted early. The 2nd 45 i played much better and was in position to take it down. I bubbled out in the 180 but felt i could've easily gone deep.

some hands from the 180

chipping up early
playing AK early
Selective aggression
applying pressure with both barrells
misplayed AJs? - decided to limp behind instead of raising it up... got the perfect flop and failed to extract
two hands that left me short stack
rebuilding my stack - series of AIs

Final hand - after rebuilding nicely this happens... would it have been different had i pushed pf i wonder?

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