Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Best Finish & Bad Beat

Today I came 3rd in a $4 180 on Stars for a profit of $81.28. How is this a bad beat you ask? Well with 11 persons left i was chip leader with 54K+ chips. Blinds were about to raise to 500/1000 with 200ante (not sure about the ante) when suddenly my internet DISCONNECTED!!!!!I tried everything... rebooted my pc and the modem...NADA! Went around to my sister's house... not home.sigh.

I don't have a home telephone right now and the wait was too long to call the cable company from my cell. So i just found out tonight at work that I finished 3rd on sharkscope.com. Apparently there was some type of area outtage due to a broken fibre optic cable.Don't get me wrong, this was probably my best cash ever in one of these, but i really felt like i was gonna take this one down.

Sharkscope is a really nice tool. I was able to search on the top finishers in this tourny. Interestingly the top two finishes all play higher limits. The winner, some guy called Viphalid, usually plays the $20/180s and the runner up LargeJohn plays $22-$109 stts. I can't remember anything about Viphalid because i had not played with him. But I remember noting that LargeJohn was a weak player, obviously will have to re-evaluate that.I think i'm gonna subcribe since i will be playing more mtts and sngs now. I will try the 200 searchs for a flat fee of 8.99 first, if i exceed 200 searches in one month then i'll sign up for the monthly subcription of 14.99

I have some interesting hh, especially when i became chip leader. I will post them when i get home if my internet is on.I have to say i'm pleased with my results so far. Even though its a small sample Its encouraging.


Kirby the German Roofer said...

Hi, im amatays cousin, any chance we could do a link swap.


Amatay said...

looooooool check my blog

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