Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Wednesday Update

I did not play a 4/180 tourny today because i felt i would not be able to focus for the full tourny. Instead i decided to play a few 45 player tournies.I single tabled for the first one because i had to create a pahud log to send to support. For the past few weeks my hud has not been working and i can't figure out why... I hope this resolves the problem.

I did not money in any of these tournies... I couldnt win a race to save my life, not even when i was dominating.

First turbo tourny i push with 77 to isolate vs. a small stack shove, BB makes a loose call with AQo for his tourny life. After this bb=150 and i have 900 i push ontb with QTo, sb calls with T8s... flop comes xtx, turn 8, river 8... nh gg. Another tourny i'm in sb with AKo, loose player utg min r to 200, and gets two callers, I shove, OR folds, both players call with AQs and 99 respectively...99 holds... nh, gg.

Thats the way it went in all the tournies, can't complain i think i made the correct plays.

I was going to post some hands from my 3rd place finish yesterday... but after looking over them, i will just post all the hands that i played up until my connection went out. I think they may be interesting, especially once i got the big stack. I played a really lag game and tried to use my stack like a big club.

stars $4.00/180 3rd place finish

I might have busted earlier had i played it myself but i still wouldve like the experience of playing the final table as a big stack. hopefully i will get another chance soon.

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