Monday, October 15, 2007

3.5 Month Blog/Poker Break!

..... where do i begin?

First the break was not planned. I did not say i will not play poker/blog for this period of time, it just happened. I did not, do not hate poker. I'm just not as enthused as i used to be.

Several things kinda happened in my life at once that made if difficult for me to care or focus entirely on poker. Then i went on a downswing, and was unable to recover. My poker 'mojo' was gone. I could not handle the swings of the 6max grind. I cancelled my CR subscription, withdrew almost all of my bankroll (about 3k), stopped blogging and reading forums.

I made some tough decisions and ended two important relationships that i think were not bringing anything good to my life. The intimate relationship had me a little more twisted than i'd like to admit and took awhile longer to end.

Pokerwise i'm still not completely back into it, and honestly i don't think i will ever get back to that point again. Right now i have no interest in reading forums, poker books or posting hands. I have logged on to 2p2 but usually just log off again without reading or posting anything.

..... i just saved... nah :)

I won my first $4 180 man sit n go last Sunday. Then on wednesday i took 2nd in another. I also went deep in the 100k (250 of 18K) a few weeks ago. I've also played a couple 2.20 buy-in mtts with about 1500 entrants making the money both times, with my best finish being 20th.

So it looks like i will make my comeback via Mtts. I hope to post and play more regularly from here on... well at least once per week.


Amatay said...

gd stuff m8, gr8 results, gl

Mark said...

Good to see you back blogging Grinder... GL with those 180s

Cheers, Mark

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