Friday, October 26, 2007


I checked myself out at sharkscope recently and I'm at 1962 games played with 2% ROI and -$359.00. My goal will be to breakeven by my 2000th game. While i've been crushing the $3.25 45 player sngs lately, these will not get the job done. therefore my next 38 games will be strictly $4/180 sngs.

Speaking of the $4/180 sngs, i was browsing pocketfives lastnight at work and noticed that they have a huge challenge involving these sngs. Apparently one of the really good players there is a guy name DICKHERTZ, so i checked my 180 win and low and behold i had played this guy headsup and won. I will have to go and review the final table and see how it went down.


I admittedly prefer playing at pokerstars and have always ignored the Riverstars comments. but recently i've come to appreciated where the players who angryly type this message in the chat are coming from. It almost seems like no hand is safe until the last card is dealt. I've seen horrendous beats and taken a few myself. You really have to have intestinal fortitude to play on stars at times.

Sharkscope Update

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Thomas Kennedy said...

You might want to consider single table sit 'n go's. The variance is much lower than the multi-table version.

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