Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Weekly Update & New Links

So i'm playing $4/180 sngs almost exclusively now. I played 52 of them in October with a ROI of about 77%... not sustainable I know. But i'm not interested in grinding these for a profit. I'm trying to build a bankroll and gain some experience in MTT play. Eventually i'd like to play in some of the larger tournies on the net... the ones with the big payout :).

So far this month though i've played 29 tournies and got ITM twice, finishing 13th and 3rd, not great but at least i got deep which was good.

Good News!!
I think i'm comming out of my poker funk nicely... been reading the forums lately and actually responded to a few post. Also trying to play a bit more and getting in some review time.

New Links

Rizen's Articles

Rizen is a well known internet poker player who is well respected and very good.(honestly i don't know much about the guy) The link is to the article section on his blog. His articles have been published in Cardplayer magazine and though i haven't read them in depth they look interesting.

Annette_15 Strategy
Another well respected internet player considered a prodigy. This is a link to an article on sitandgoplanet that analyzes her strategy in a 500K win and a $4/180sng that she played blind and won. The strategy is two part; early game and mid game. I'm waiting an end game analysis.
This article is a gem imo and has helped me immensely.

Next is a link to the actual hand history of the 180 she won playing blind on PXF.

MTT live Pxf Directory
This is a directory of winning hh of 2p2ers that you are able to view for free on PXF. Very usefull if you're not able to pay the sign up fees at the various training sites.

Universal Replayer
This will take you to the download page of a replayer that will play the hand histories from several sites. Very useful when reviewing tournaments.


Tiger Would said...

Hi Mate,

Can you drop an email regarding a biz proposal to

Many Thanks

Mark said...

Hey Island, good to hear that you are getting your poker mojo back!

Thanks for the link to my site in there (SNG Planet)... ever fancy putting an article together on your experiences in the 180s then I'd be happy to use it!

Cheers, Mark

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