Monday, November 12, 2007


Didn't make my goal of breaking even on sharkscope for my 2000th sng. I came close but went on a bad streak. Just couldnt get deep like i was doing recently and took a lot of bad beats. Also played some when i was just not in the frame of mind to make good decisions... always a bad thing.

I've made two more final tables in the 180s recently but busted 5th both times. I will have to adjust my FT strategy and see if i can improve these results.

I have been meaning to update the layout of this blog for some time now and will try to do it this week. I will change up some content to reflect my current focus on small stakes multi-table sngs. I will also put up a replay video one of a $3/45 sng win and a $4/180 sng FT.

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