Wednesday, December 05, 2007


I promised to put up a few vids in a previous post.Since i've been crushing the 45s again lately, i've done one of my wins in those and my $4/180 sng win lastnight.

$3 45 player sng 44MB 25minutes

$4 180 SNG WIN
1st HOUR 29MB 17minutes

2nd HOUR 28MB 16minutes

3rd Hour & Final Table 28MB 15minutes

Final Table & HeadsUP play 38MB 20minutes

I think i played well in both tournaments but definitely made some mistakes. Feel free to critique them.

The videos were produced in camtasia studio 4 and will play properly in windows media player. I have another media player on my computer that played the video but without sound, so if you have that problem try windows media player 9.

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