Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Small Stakes Grinder : : January Results

I don't think i will be playing anymore before the end of the month so i will post these results from officialpokerrankings.com
I had not set any monetary goal for this month but i am please with the overall result. A +1k month is nothing to laugh at for someone who started out a few month back with $38 bucks in the old poker account.

A big chunk of that came from my 3rd place finish in the $5 FO mtt. I only played 11 MTT tournaments this month mostly at the $5 level. I will continue to play these along with at least 2 sunday 100k guarenteed tournaments each month. I also want to play a few of the $3 rebuy tournaments and sunday million sats.

Another big chunk came from the $3 45 sit n go's that i've been crushing. I have 455 (128 this month) total played and have to say i'm very comfortable playing them. I will play another 45 to make it 500 total, then try to move on to the $6 45 turbo sngs.

The $4 180 sit n go results were a bit dissappointing because i didn't win any this month. I 've made 3 final tables in the last 2 days and 7 /65 for the month, I've only missed the final table once finishing 10th. I just need to close them out when i get there. I will review them all to find out what is wrong with my final table strategy. I feel i should be doing much better in these though.

Overall i'm very pleased with my improvement and my progress on the path to becomming a good mtt'er. Next month i will attempt to play more mtts and not get stuck in the sit n go grind too much.


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