Sunday, January 27, 2008

Weekend Results

Since my MTT final table i've been in what i'd term a mini slum... nothing major but i've felt kinda out of it when playing and its lead to some poor play (see last post). I think i've been averaging around 108th place in the pokerstars $4 180 sngs.

So Saturday after more of the same i decided that i was in the mode for some turbo sngs and started playing the Pokerstars $3 45 sngs . I played 24 total Turbos in 3 sessions (morning, afternoon & late evening) on saturday. My results were amazing.

I finished...


Just crushed the games for a whopping 400% ROI. It was a really sweet feeling and a huge confidence builder. My game had gone a bit off and these turbos set me straight.

Today i decided to play in the $5.50 5K guarenteed @ 1pm on stars and the 100K guarenteed at 3:30pm. I was playing the 5k guarenteed and a $4 180 sng when my electricity went out. What a disaster... I was running good in the 5K and had just taken the chip lead with about 26 left in the 180.

My ups only lasted an additional 15 minutes before it started beeping furiously... I also have my modem and router on the ups so when i shut down the computer there was enough power to keep the network up. I burrowed my nephew's laptop and spent about 20minutes installing pokerstars and trying to remember my password. Once i got on i soon realized that the laptop battery was about to go... talk about bad luck. So i just decided to donk it up and try to get a big stack or bust. long story short i made the final table as a short stack and finished 8th... then my pwr came back

I fired up another $4 180 sng to go along with the Sunday 100k Gaurenteed. I didnt get deep in the 100K but finished 2nd in the $4 180 sng which was a good result. So two final tables in one day... not bad. Just checked officialpokerrankings and i'm running 20% ITM & 94% ROI over 246 tournys for January, and that is without the 2nd place finish.


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