Friday, February 01, 2008

Getting Started

So you've decided to explore internet gaming? In today's age of identity theft with 'viruses', 'Trojans' 'worms', etc. etc. the firts thing you want to do is make sure that your PC is secure. Even if you don't plan on gambling online or have already done so with no problems so far, it is still a great idea to protect yourself.

Here are three free utilities that provide your with excellent protection.

  1. Avg Anti-virus free edition - This is a very popular free program that has regular updates, and robust protection

  2. Zone Alarm Firewall - This is a free personal version of a highly respected software program with a lot of features. Don't be intimidated if you're not technically inclined, it is very user friendly and has a very good tutorial. If you choose not to use this, windows as its own firewall, although not as robust as zone alarm it can help. Make sure its turned on. Search for "firewall" in windows help and support

  3. Ad-Aware & Spybot Search&destroy - I have both of these anti-spyware programs installed on my pc. Downloade them both, update them and scan your pc. Also use the immunize function in Ad-aware that will make your pc immune to certain spyware thats already been detected

Make sure you update and run these programs at least once per week. Also follow the safe internet practices listed below.

  • Never open an e-mail attachment sent to you by someone you don’t know, no matter how compelling the message might be; nothing is free.

  • Never open an attachment, even from someone you DO know, if the file extensions are EXE, PIF, SCR, VBS, or BAT. While these are a small number of the executable files, they are also the most common. They will all run programs that can infect or even destroy your system.

  • When you get pop-up questions on the Internet, no matter what they say, no matter how legitimate they look, no matter whose name is on them (including Microsoft, Amazon, & E-Bay), SAY NO. In particular if it says you have viruses or SpyWare on your system and "click here" to remove them… SAY NO.

  • NEVER download and install software from the Internet, especially games, utilities that claim they are going to "help" you, and most especially things that are "free."

Note: all links point to DOWNLOAD.COM which is operated by Cnet; a very reputable company. I also use these programs personally on my own pc.

If you follow these tips and run the utilities as suggested you should have few problems. Now on to Poker!




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