Monday, February 04, 2008

Small Stakes Grinder: Weekend Update

Firstly congrats to all NY Giants fans. I'm a Dolphin fan and i was cheering for the Giants all the way. '72 Dolphins remains only perfect team ever! sweet!

On Saturday i played 6 $4 180 sngs busting around 40th in 5 and making the final table once, finishing 9th. I also played 2 mtts; a $3 MTT and a $8 MTT. I busted the $3 tournament in the 2nd hr but made it deep in the $8 finishing 83/1876 for around $28.00. I really have to make a post with some hands and analysis this week. I will win one of these eventually... hopefully it will all come together in the 100K :)

The Superbowl was yesterday so i didnt get to play any mtts, but i was able to play several $3 45 turbo sit n go's before I headed by a co-worker to watch the game. I finished with 3 1st and a 3rd out of about 13 tournies for a 369% ROI.


If you're viewing this blog and have one of you're own, I'm willing to exchange links, just leave me a comment.


Mark said...

Hey, please drop me your e-mail address... cheers, Mark

sttrow said...

Nice blog mate, I've linked you up - any chance of an exchange?

Michael said...

Hi, my blog is and I've linked you up.

Nice blog.

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