Monday, February 04, 2008

$4 180 sit n go win!

I went jogging for the first time in years and it felt great. I was really energized and started two tournaments soon after i reached back home. I think i played some of my best poker during this tournament and made some nice plays.

My strategy in these small stakes tournaments is really very simple; i wait for hands and then play them very aggressively. I open a wide range if its folded to me in HJ to SB including any two. As a result i get played back at often. Most opponents don't seem to be able to adjust to this style. My biggest problems is knowing when to slow down.

Hand 1
Villian in this hand was somewhat loose and i had seen him win a few pots with moves like this. I think he had a weak ace, a busted drw, 2nd pair type hand or air.

Hand 2
Nice chip up before the break... I was among the chip leaders early in this tournament.

Hand 3
Villian had moved to the table about 2 orbits and had been limping alot. I pegged him as a weak player. After just calling my flop bet and checking behind on the turn i thought he was weak and called despite the possible straight out there.

Hand 4
Didn't like this play even though it turned out that i was ahead here. But generally i'd expect to be called by AK and QQ+... still with my aggressive image i guess AQ is not folding...

Hand 5
Push any two. These levels are usually where i seperate from the pack or get busted. people tend to tighten up too much.

Hand 6
Hand 7
My constant pressure usually gets paid off like this

Hand 8
OR had only been at table for about 1.5 orbits and had been opening alot of pots, i had also watched him on another table since we were down to 2 or 3 tables. So i knew he had nothing and the BTN shove likely had a weaker hand also

Hand 9
Short handed at the final table i'm going with A9s vs. a LP raise

Hand 10
A really weak opponent he basically telegraphed what he had all the time

Hand 11
taking advantage of the bigstack

Hand 12
Terrible slow play... still i should've gotten away on the shove

Most opponents seem to be weak at the final table... they just don't play enough hands and i was able to steal with impunity. But sometimes i go overboard and hurt myself.

download entire file here; 1st_20080204.txt


Posh said...

hello there boss :)

thanks for popping by my blog and many congratulations on your win! Those stars 180 runner jobs are terrific tournaments. I play the $20s quite often. Be good if they had a few at higher buy ins too but hey.

I'll certainly link you up - no problem at all.

best wishes

Cottlad said...

Hello there. Have linked you up mate. Bahamas eh? Wish i was back out there. Actually worked close to there a few years back in the Turks & Caicos islands. It's sooooooooo cold ere!!!!
Good luck at the tables bud....

Posh said...

you're linked on mine too.

gl mate

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