Thursday, March 13, 2008

RTR $3 90 man KO Challenge

I've signed up with RTR and will join in the latest challenge over there. The challenge will be taking place at fulltilt

Entrance: $10
Tournaments: 12 $3 90 man KO sngs
End: 5th April
Pay out: Challenge winner gets 70% of pool, 2nd place gets 30% of pool

Scoring System
90th-81st = 1 Point
80th- 71st = 2 points
70th-61st = 3 points
60th -51st = 4 points
50th -41st = 5 points
40th -31st = 6 points
30th -19th = 7 points
18th-10th = 9 Points
9th = 11 points
8th = 12 points
7th = 13 points
6th = 14 point
5th = 15 points
4th = 17 points
3rd = 19 points
2nd = 21 points
1st = 25 points

And the challenge has started. Some participants seem to be doing really well. I'm a bit concerned about my performance. Havent played on fulltilt in a while and have never played these particular tournaments. Hopefully they're similar to Stars $3 45 man sngs, in which case i'm prepared.

I will probably deposit over the weekend and play my first 3, then re-evaluate.


UPDATE: 13th March 2008

I deposited on monday and tried to transfer the entrance money to the RTR admin BurnleyMike and ran into a fulltilt snag. Apparently i need to have a deposit history for at least 60 days before transfering any funs... w/e. Anyway we aggreed i'd transfer via Stars and he'd set me up the next morning.

I decided to play that night because i wanted to get started and whata you know i made the final table taking 5th in my first tourny. I thought i'd lose the points because i wasn't officially set up yet, but great bunch of guys they are over at RTR forums let me keep the points any way.

Decided to play a few this morning and promptly ran experienced into this

Played three tournaments this morning finishing; 67th, 47th, and 34th. A disappointing result but the finishes do seem to be trending in the right direction

Total Played: 4
Challenge Points Leader: 111


UPDATE: April 2008

I finished in fourth in this challenge and only took down one tournament during the challenge. Top two got paid. Davef86 led from like the 1st week of the challenge and was never really pushed for the top spot. Congrats dave!

Current Results:

davef86 played-11 points 117
Doomswitch Played-12 points-113

HullJimi played-11 Points-99
ISgrinder played-12 points-91
hammerheid played-12 points-86
Luckybugur Played-12 Points -76
Zanshin played-9 points-67
Mair Played-10 Points -64
sttrow - played-12 points-63
Pokeking69 plyed-7 points-47
BurnleyMik played- 8 points-40
TanOrpheus played-5 Points-30
AceFilledDreams- played-2 points-15
sttrow - played-12 points-63

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