Friday, March 14, 2008

Fulltilt Bankroll Challenge

UPDATE: 5th May 2008

I more than doubled my bankroll in April, mainly from playing 25nl fullring. I also won 8 24+2 tokens valued an additional $208.00. I will continue playing fullring this month but will try to put in more hands. I figure i can put in at least 500 hands each day, which is basically 1 hr 7 tabling.

My goal for fulltilt has changed, i don't like the tournaments there, i just can't seem to get comfortable with the structure. So i will mainly play cash on Fulltilt and tournaments on Stars. My goal will be to cash out $500.00 each month. I will cash out $500.00 this month so that i can redeposit to take advantage of any reload bonus they might have.

started: $95.00
current: $845.00


UPDATE: 14th March 2008

Bankroll is comming along nicely and much faster than it did at PokerStars. I did not think it posible to find players worst than those in the stars $3 45 man sit n Go tournaments. But i was so so wrong. By comparison to the players in fulltilt's $3 90 man KO sngs, the stars players are pros... really its that bad!

There is no folding pf... if you're in EP with AK or AJs+ it may be better to just shove. Yea this may seem like bad advice, but i'm serious (maybe not on the AJ, but definitely AQs) you will get called by A4s+, QJs, KTs+ alot of times... and this is for double lol... its hilarious and sickening at the same time.

for example.
Early in Tounament bb=30
I pick up AA in CO
utg limps
utg+1 raises to 225
I reraise to 600 in CO... reasonable yes? we're deep after all. hard to shove 3k here
BTN cold calls 600
utg folds
utg+1 shoves for like 2800 more
I shove for about 3100

Hands: UTG = QQ, BTN = KTs <- - LOL DONKEY!

you guess who won.

But its plays like this all the time. I will make a shove that i would not dream of making in a $4 180 man sng or a $3 45 man sng on stars only to be called by worst hands all the time.

Its a dangerous game to play because it can easily screw up you're game, and next thing you know you're making poor plays all the time and suddenly vs. better opponents... and then you're on a losing streak, tilted, and confidence is shot.

Just something to keep in mind. But in the mean time i'm printing money! lol.

Played 4 more $3 90 man KO sngs after work lastnight. finished 89th, 60th, 6th, & 1st. Also played a $5 45 man sng and finished 3rd.

Goal: $2500.00
Starting Broll: $95.00
Current Broll: $301.80
Estimated completed Time 2-3 months


UPDATE: 13th March 2008

Decided to play a few more $3 90 Man KO sngs for the challenge this morning and results were disappointing. So i took a break and went over to Stars to play some $4 180 man sngs but it seemed my morning session at fulltilt had tilted me because i donked off stacks in several tournies before quiting.

Took another shot at the $3 90 man sngs in the afternoon with a bit more success. I played 6 tournaments and made 3 final tables, finishing 1st, 7th & 6th.

I feel like i'm more comfortable playing these now and have an idea of how they should be played. If i get home in time tonight i will play another 5 and see how it goes.

The Bankroll is comming along nicely though:

Starting Roll:$95.00
Current Roll:$190.00


UPDATE: 12Th March '08

Played my first tournament on Fulltilt lastnight. Since i'm going to be playing the RTR challenge it was a $3 90man KO. I finished 5th for 18.00 and took two bounties for total prize of $19.00

Goal: $2500.00
Starting Broll: $95.00
Current Broll: $111.70
Estimated completed Time 2-3 months


Bankroll Challenge 3rd March 2008

I'd like to be able to play tournaments on fulltilt as well as Stars. So i will attempt to build a bankroll similar to my Stars roll.

Goal: $2500.00
Starting Broll: $90.00
Estimated completed Time 2-3 months

I will mainly be playing low buy in multitable sngs. But will also try the satelites once i build it up a bit. If i recall correctly the 24+2 tournaments were pretty easy to sat into. Winning one of those will boost my roll by alot.

Updates to come.

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