Saturday, March 15, 2008

Saturday's Tournament Schedule

Haven't played many Mtts this week, so i will try to get in as much as i can today. I've been exploring Fulltilts tournament schedule and there are alot more low buy in tournaments available than at Stars. So i will be using a portion of my new bankroll to play some mtts today.

10:20am - - $5.50 KO MTT
2:50pm - - $3.30 turbo KO
4:00pm - - $6 Double Jackpot A
4:02pm - - $6 Double Jackpot B

There are a lot more tournaments in between that i could play but this schedule is already pushing the bankroll. The Jackpot tournys are interesting... basically if you make it ITM in both you get a percentage of the daily jackpot. you get higher percentages for final tabling both and like 75% for winning both... seems unlikely but i will give them a try.

1:00pm - - $5.50 5K Guaranteed
7:00pm - - $11 20K Guaranteed
9:00pm - - $5.50 FO
9:15pm - - $9.90 360 max mtt

Both Schedules are tentative, except for the first few i really cant be sure but these are what i believe i can play today. Will have to see how it goes


Jørgen Sibbesen said...

Hi been reading your blog for some time and enjoying your plays. A comment on the 12.46 pm hand... I dont think u played that hand badly. The 9/9 Made a good raise PF and your raise AI was good. Your EV was 33% so he only had to fold to your semibluff 17% of the time for it to be a profitable move, and taking HoH advice on bluffing if there was a 10% chance he was bluffing (and there is!) then you pushing all-in makes it a profitable move imo.

Game101 said...

hi Sibbe, thanks for the comment, I didnt have chance to look at the math when i was posting... have to get better at that aspect of the game honestly.

tried checking your blog but got nothing. if you decide to start it up let me know so we can exchange links


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