Saturday, March 15, 2008

Live tournament Blog

First tournament of the day

$5.50 KO
10 minute blinds
Starting Stack:1500
Runners: 537

Hour 1 - Strategy

With fulltilts blind structure 10 minute blinds mean i can be patient and wait on hands/ So thats just what i will do.

10:30 - T7s in SB, limper in MP, flop comes 534r i semi bluff 50 in 60 pot, BB calls. Limper thinks than folds. We check it down. I don't improve, 77 takes it in BB. stack 1410... 430 remaining

10:40 - folded to me ontb with 44, i make psb, sb calls, flop comes KQ2, Sb pots it... i fold. Stack 1260... blinds now 20/40... i will try to remain patient... but i'm not one for nursing small stacks

10:45 - AJo in MP, I open for 3xbb, btn calls, flop comes 9s3s3d, i cbet 2/3rd pot and shove Q turn, villain calls with Q9o. I'm OUT!

perhaps i should've chk folded the flop, i'm not used to playing that weak, but a cbet committs me. ah well next!


Can't find anything in the fulltilt lobby starting right now, so i will stick to schedule... there is a $5 regular FO starting at 12:05 might try that. will probably start $4 180 man sng on Stars while i wait.

12:05 - made it to the break in the 180 with 4K stack and only 60 players remaining... huge donk to my right with 6.7k.

registered in the $5K guaranteed starting at 1pm and the daily 15k starting at 2pm.

In the 5.50 FO with 245 runners

12:40pm - - running good in the $4 180 man sng. have 15k stack with 36 remaining. this is a river bluff i pulled earlier.

Also chipped up nicely in the fulltilt tourny when i hit a set of 7s on 7KJ vs. two opponents stack 4750

12:46 - this hand happened just now. poorly played by moi but i suck out big time. I called pre, because i didnt want to have a weak image and my hand was not that bad to take a flop. But i shouldve lead flop i think. My image is still screwed but i have chips now and lots of room to meneuver... 4/115

12:50 - attempt a rr with AJo ontb but sb wakes up with AK and i have to call. Hand

12:55 - flush drw in sb... CHIP LEADER!

1:00 Stars $5 5K Guaranteed is starting. 3k starting stack with 15 minute blinds. I'm on bubble in 180... on break in Fulltilt $5 FO... will have to focus on three tournies from here on out.


2:02 - Daily 15k started... playing 4 tournies now

564/1535 in the $5 FO stars
5/10 in the 180
17/34 in the $5 FO tilt
nothing happening in the 15k daily on stars


Busted the Stars $5 FO... got it in with two pair and was called by K5s on flushing flop

8/27 in the fultilt $5 FO

got it in with A8s vs. AQo and survived in the daily 15k



Busted the 180 in 4th
currently 5/15 in the fulltilt tourny


3:20 - made a bad reflex shove with A6s vs. shrt stk CO shove, bb wakes up with TT and calls. Its A9o vs. A6s vs. TT. Ace on the flop and we suck out i end up losing less than 1k on the hand.

After this tourny will probably not play until tonight. so that means the jackpot tournies are out. currently 5/11


Made the FT but busted 9th when my 88 lost to Chipleader's KQo. Making the FT was good and i shouldve been able to take it down but i just did not play well. I only made it that far because almost everyone else sucked ass. I just splashed about too much i think and spewed alot chips unneccesarily.

I watched the sheets video and i was trying to bet the way he does late in tournies... making bets like 2999 or 3333 but i wasnt consistant. If the blinds changed i'd make the wrong sized bets, underbetting or overbetting the pot ... was ugly.

I really hate fulltilt's hand history window... it just plain sucks. Basically it will show u a picture of the table and final hand if there was one. Then u have to scroll through this tiny little window to try to see the action.

I also hate their hand histories because there imposible to load into the replayer for review and tournament trimmer can not process them either. bad beats.

anyway thats it until later... perhaps i will stop sucking so much by then.

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