Monday, April 28, 2008

Bad Beat Sunday

I was all set to win one of my sunday tournies :) unfortunately Stars apparently experienced some technical difficulties. My first tournament didn't start until almost 2pm and somehow i wasn't right after that.

I busted the 5k and the daily 15k within the first hour and decided to unregister from the 100k. I moved over to fulltilt and promptly lost 3 buy-ins at 25nl. I battled back and ended the session down 1.5 buy-ins, my first losing session since i started playing ring again... was bound to happen.

Wasn't all bad though. After the ring debacle, decided that i'd stick to tournaments which are less demanding. I won 2 24+2 tokens and final tabled a $3 90 KO on Fulltilt. On Stars I played a few single table Step tournaments, i barely missed making it to step 3. I'm guessing step 3 is where they start to get difficult. I currently have step 1 and step 2 tickets. I bubbled a $12 180 man turbo, finishing 19th... I'm gonna take one of these down soon. I know they're high variance but some how i really enjoy playing them.

I finished off the day by playing and winning a $3+R satelite to the Sunday Million. will post later with my plans for the ticket.


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