Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Taking Shots with Tournament Dollars

Before i get into my plans for using my tournament dollars i will discuss lastnight's tournaments. I played in two tournaments; a $12 180 man sng and a $3 Rebuy MTT. Although i was playing while watching the NBA playoffs (GO LAKERS!), I still played really well.

I final tabled the 180 man sng but was the short stack because my AQo < A9s two hands before the final table bubble burst. A few hands into the final table I got it AI with AA and was unlucky so i was 1st to bust.

Late in these tournaments you have to know how to pushbot, assign ranges and Know when/who to 3bet. You simply cannot sit on a stack, blinds are huge and increasing quickly. You have to make moves. Had i won the AQ hand i wouldve entered the tournament with a really nice stack and i'm always confident entering a final table with chips. If the AA hand had held i wouldve again been in it to win it, but variance is a biotch and it was not meant to be.

The $3 rebuy was also alot of fun. I was at one of those tables where guys went AI almost every hand, it was Sweet! I've seen Johhny Bax employ this strategy but it was obvious that the two players involved had no clue. Between them they probably spent 15 - 25 double rebuys each. At the end of the Rebuy hour I had a 25k stack and 4 of the top 10 stacks were at my table because of these guys. I spent a total of 5 buy-ins including the Add-on.

After rebuy madness I was able to play a conservative game for most of the tournament because of my huge stack. Unfortunately i went extremely card dead getting AK once and my highest pocket pair being 77 over the next 2.5hrs. Still i was able to stay in it by stealing and out playing opponents. I busted 90th out of 3040 when i shoved KTs from HJ and was called by QQ in BB. My stack was around 57k with blinds 3500/7000 ante 700.

Tournament Dollars
My strategy this year has always been to get better at MTTs and take shots at larger buy-in tournaments. My goal remains to play in at least 3 Sunday Million tournaments before the end of the year. However i will not be playing in the Sunday Million this week, instead i've unregistered and will take shots at some of the medium buy-in tournaments.

I'm looking at playing a $10 Rebuy and a $55 MTT FO this week... probably tomorrow night which will be my last chance at another big score for April. Tonight i will review lastnight's tournaments and watch a few PXF vids.



Anonymous said...

Unlucky in the $3r mate. Pretty disappointing to get through 3000 players to pick up a relatively small win. Isn't 1st for these usually something like $7-10k?

Which satellites to the Million are you playing and what is the standard like?

Game101 said...

hey Pud how's it going. 1st was around 6.9k... wouldve been sweet:) but i don't get dissappointed as long as i played well.

I'm pretty pleased with my progress in mtts so far this year. I feel that i will take down something soon, so i'm optimistic.

I usually play the $3 rebuy sats and like most micros the play is pretty weak... as soft or softer than the $4 180 sngs.


E z e k i e l said...

Since you play some at full tilt do they have any wsop packages that are accessible to those of us with lower bankrolls or even using something like FPP's, is that tokens? Do you think the competition for these is any softer at Full Tilt than Stars?

Game101 said...

Hey Zeke
honestly i haven't played or even looked into any WSOP packages on either site. I will give it a look see this weekend and make a post about it.

"Tokens" are like Tournament dollars Stars.


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