Thursday, May 01, 2008

Sooo Close!

I played several tournaments lastnight and got deep in the $25+2.5 25K Guaranteed, I finished 35th of 1452 runners. I was sitting 8th of 38 with thoughts of final tabling and taking this thing down, when i completed A6o in the small blind.

I normally would've raised this hand but there was a utg limper. On the flop villain insta pushed and i knew exactly what he had so i insta called. of course after i lose the hand and i'm sitting 35/35 i start to second guess the call. But from everything i've read and learned it is wrong to pass up on obvious +ev plays. Besides had i won this hand i wouldve final tabled for sure... and you know how i feel once i final table a tournament... i'm taking that sucka down!

First prize was around 7k i think. I checked the result this morning and the donk villain in this hand busted 24th... 24th! winning this hand put him in 1st or 2nd place with around 60bb and he finished 24th. So sad.

I had played a $11 mtt and a $11+1r+1a earlier but busted both quickly because i had just come home from work and was tired. I also played the $55 50k that started about 30 minutes after the 25k and was running ok when i misplayed a flopped set on a coordinated flop to bust 391st out of 1289.

All in all i feel really good with my play lastnight. Most importantly i learned that i can play at these buy-ins. when playing higher than normal we automatically assume that opponents are gonna be so much better based solely on the buy-in, but that simply was not the case in any of these tournaments. I felt i was better than at least 60% of the field. Of course the final table would probably be alot harder.

I will continue to work on my game, hopefully it pays off in a high 4 figure or even 5 figure cash.



E z e k i e l said...

Good job man! Keep playing your "A" game and the results will come. That was a hard way to go out with A6o, but had you raised pre-flop you might have avoided the whole situation. But once you saw the flop and faced with the all-in bet, I would find it tough to lay down there as well considering I'm probably a 3-1 favorite.

I hope to see another post detailing your run to another final table, but with you taking it down for the 5 figure score! That would be a truly great read!

p.s. happy belated b-day

Game101 said...

thanks Zeke, I would enjoy nothing more that making that post:)

I didnt raise the hand because of the limper utg, I probably shouldve just folded preflop.


Unknown said...

It's so discouraging to get a beat off a donkey like that because you know that your chips are going to be immediately spewed to all the other players at the table. How that idiot amassed a huge stack and then came in 24th we'll never know. Keep up the good work.

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