Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Birthday Month

I'm turning 31 on the 25th of this month and its starting to sink in that i'm well on my way into mid life. So i've been doing some reflecting on where i'm at now and where i want to be. I will be honest, i am not where i expected to be at this stage in my life. I have not accomplished... well anything really.

I've just been drifting along with the flow and living without direction for the most part. Sure i completed college, got a degree and now have a realitively nice job but beyond that i've accomplished nothing. just drifting. I did not have the start that many of my peers did, I had to really struggle and continue to do so, but with proper planning and focus i could've been much farther along than i am right now.

Its taken some time to get as focused as i should be, but its not nearly too late to get my life on track. From here on, i will be working toward a set of clearly defined goals. I will be changing a few things in my life for the better i believe. Poker will be a tool that could assist me greatly in achieving some of my goals, but it is not something i'm depending on.

March was not a hugely successful month for me pokerwise. I did not accomplish my goal of winning a MTT although i've cashed in a few mtts with 2k+ runners. My bankroll on FT is comming along nicely and i've completed the STT challenge. I have 2 more tournies to play in the RTR 90 man KO challenge and there is still a remote posibility that i could win it... providing i win both tournies of course :)

I will spend most of this week reviewing mtts, watching pxf videos and maybe making a few vids of my own. I will then settle on my poker goals for April and perhaps the forseeable future.

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